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Here are a few examples of counters, for NetChain users only. Clients of NetChain Communications and US Users Network may use them on their's web sites hosted on Netchain server. We provide some source code with 4 examples. Fell free to copy it right from your browser and paste into your page. The only exception is - replace word YourPage with a name or title of your page (any word you want only without spaces, uniquely identified your page).

Digits in the first example looks exactly like font Arial 10. I like them because you can use this style right in the middle of your text, and it looks like it is a solid text and there's no image:
Example 1: This page have been accessed times.
Source code: <IMG SRC="">

But of course, everybody likes images, so you can have your counter appear as real image, like this:
Example 2:
Source code: <IMG SRC="">

The previous example had 5 digits image. Here is the same style with only 3 digits image:
Example 3:
Source code: <IMG SRC="">

You can even put the counter inside a table and it will look like this:
Example 4:
<IMG SRC="">

Here's the smallest counter. Each digit is only 7x5 pixels:
Example 5:
Source code: <IMG SRC="">

Tip: Press Reload or Refresh button a couple of times, to see the counter changes.

Available Styles

Style Name Example   Style Name Example
led odometer
lcd speckled
noisy cyan
eggs halloween
curly timex
red orange
chalk scoreboard
flu neat
beach electric
fancy frozen
handwriting oldstyle
sf scrap1
arial10 small

Style Name Example

Don't see the style you are looking for?

Not a problem !

If you want to use our counter with a different style, then all you need to do is to create (or obtain) 10 images with 10 digits in GIF file format. They all must be the same size. Zip 'em up and send this file to . We will make sure that your images are OK and are compatible with our system, then we will activate them for you and we will send you back a sample page with your counter on it, so you can see how it works, at no charge.

It's simple and FREE!

Usage Instructions

Now has come the time to use the counter in your HTML files. The counter is called like this in your HTML:

<img src="">

where the arguments are listed in the table below:

Argument Possible Values Meaning
link* anything that doesn't contain a space Uniquely identifies the page calling the counter. This is case-sensitive. See examples below.
width 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 The width of the resulting image in digits. Extra zeros will be added to the beginning. If the width is too short for the number to be displayed, it is lengthened so that all digits may be displayed. Default is 4.
style* any directory name under the /digits directory, for example, led, or the reserved value simple. Should not contain spaces Specifies the set of digits to use in constructing the final image, or species the use of the simple style 1. Should be all lower-case
ord yes or no (must be lowercase). If ord=yes, an ordinal number will be showed 2. An ordinal number is a number like 345th, 10871st, 22nd, etc. The default is no
bgcolour RRGGBB or trans When using the simple style, specifies the background color of the image, or if trans is used, specifies a transparent background. RRGGBB should be 3 2-digit hex values in one string, similar to the HTML command <BODY BGCOLOR="RRGGBB"> This argument has no meaning when style does not equal simple. The default is 000000 (black).
fgcolour RRGGBB When using the simple style, specifies the foreground color of the image. Same format as bgcolour. The default is FFFFFF (white).
inc 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Determines how much to increment the counter. Using 0 means the counter will not increment. Using a value less than 0 will result in no increment. Using a value greater than 5 will result in an increment of 5. If you are calling from a computer specified in the [No-Increment-For] section of counter.cfg, this argument has no effect.
* These fields are required)

1The simple style looks like this: This style requires less disk I/O and thus (should) execute more quickly.
2To use ordinal numbers, we need to have GIFs called th.gif, st.gif, nd.gif and rd.gif on our server.
Only the LED style comes with these extra GIFs. If you use the simple style, you can always use ordinal numbers if you wish.
Here are some more examples of using the counter.
Sample Source Code
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">